Wholesale Hula Hoops

Bulk Order Questions

Hi! I am with a gym in Little Rock. I was wanting to order about 10 of the basic hoops from your site. What kind of discount could I get with this order?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts on the basic hoops. Discounts are offered on hoops costing $20 and up on orders of 10 and more.

We DO work with quite a few gyms and can often come up with something that works for each gym’s needs.

Typical discount rates are:

Qty Discount

10 7% Off

15 10% Off

20+ 15% Off

Shipping for 10 hoops is typically around $65 which makes shipping for each hoop half the cost as if someone had ordered on their own. If you’re purchasing for the gym, you save on shipping. If you’re reselling to your clients that leaves a little extra room for mark up by the gym.

We have quite a few gyms that have hoops for classes but also take orders from their clients and place an order about once a month (some more often, some less). That way, client can order any style / color combination and the gym can make some money too by marking up a bit and saving on shipping. I know a few of our customers mark the hoops up by $10 and order 25 at a time and they’re making about $17 a hoop (sometimes more on the really fancy ones).

Estimate for 30 Hoops

Hi there. I would like a wholesale hula hoops quote for 30 Candy Cane Hoops with Heavy Tubing at 42″. Can you please provide an estimate?


We’d be happy to provide a quote. A few things to note: Our 42” is oversize and costs an extra $2 and 160 psi is our “Heavy” tubing and also costs an extra $2. You could save a bit by going to a 41” and most gyms and instructors we’ve sold to have ended up using the Light tubing to avoid bruising – although we do know total beginners often can have more luck with the 160 psi.

We use an average for shipping and typically charge any difference or refund once we have actual shipping costs

30 Pack Discount 20% Off

Hoop Cost 20% Off

Candy Cane 23.99 19.19

Cost After Shipping (using $5 avg)


Cost + Shipping if They Bought A Single From Us


Cost + Shipping above is provided as some gyms / instructors mark up the hoops and resell them. Some will buy a mix in bulk and others take orders for a couple weeks or a month and place an order so their clients can pick their own size, tape and color combinations as their clients after markup can still get the hoops for less than if they’d bought a single themselves. We’re happy to go either route.

Thank you so much for the inquiry and please let us know if you have any questions or if we can crunch other numbers for you!