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Can We Return Custom Hoops If We Don't Like Them?

I”m looking to order about 8 hoops for a fitness class. I know that you said the grip tape is better, how much extra is that, its showing the same price each even after i put them in the cart, is this correct? I thought there was an extra fee for grip tape. Also if we receive them and do not like them are they returnable once we customize them?

Yes, that is the correct price. It is just a few dollars more than the basic hoop (vinyl only with no grip tape).

Hoops are non-refundable. This is mainly due to the shipping rates being cost prohibitive for sending back. Most gyms will order one or two fitness hula hoops in the sizes they’re interested in before ordering to try them out. Most all gyms order our fitness hoops.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Do International Order Hoops Have To Be Collapsible?

I would like to order a custom hoop from your store, but as you will have to ship it to Europe, do I necessarily have to order a collapsible hoop?

No, you do not have to order a collapsible hoop. We can ship the hoops with the connector slightly sanded down and coiled down in a box. When you receive it, you can push it together. Sometimes a hair dryer helps to make it easier to assemble, but once you have, it’s a permanent non-collapsible hoop.