Other Hoop Questions & Requests

Color Questions

Hello. I want to place an order online for 2 hoop play kids hoops, both in the Glitterlicious style. I basically want a sparkly purple one and a sparkly pink one. Can you suggest vinyl/glitter/grip colors for each? I’m just a little confused with all the choices.

I think the blue, green and black vinyls look best with the pink and purple glitters.

I prefer a contrasting grip tape though using the same color grip as the glitter can look very cute as well.

Good grip colors with pink or purple glitter would be White (gets dirty easily), Yellow, Green Blacklight, Orange Blacklight, Pink and Purple.

A few suggestions:

Green Vinyl Pink Glitter Yellow Grip

Green Vinyl Purple Glitter Yellow or Pink Grip

Blue Vinyl Pink Glitter Yellow or Green Grip

Blue Vinyl Purple Glitter Yellow, Green or Pink Grip

Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other hoop questions.

Ice Skating Hula Hoops

I am looking for a pro performance hula hoop for my daughter who is 8 and about 50”. She needs it for a figure skating performance which will be in a very large ice skating arena. Am looking for advice on what style hoop to order and colors (base and other colors). It needs to really stand out and “sparkle” since people will be viewing her from pretty far away. Your thoughts would be appreciated. She loves the color blue but I am open to any combination you think would be best.

We have done this for a few folks before…who knew hula hoops would end up in the ice skating rink? If you have a photo or description of her costume, that’s usually a good place for us to get started with tape style and color suggestions. Often times, most end up going for a combination of two glitter tapes and one color of a grip tape, like this one…


You can view other performance hula hoop tape styles in the professional hoops section..