Hula Hoops for Beginners

Beginner Exercise...What Size Hoop Should I Buy?

I am just beginning to hula hoop for exercise. I am almost 5’5 and little round in the middle (LOL). Would a regular size hula hoop work and how long does it take to get the hoop? Would an Everyday Use Hoop or Fitness Hoop be appropriate?

To Select Your Size: For beginners, a fair rule of thumb is to measure from the ground to about an inch or two above your belly button (the bigger the hoop, the slower the rotation). For more experienced hoopers or for those that could hoop as a kid, measure to your belly button or slightly above. Very experienced hoopers typically go no more than an inch below the belly button. A little round in the middle…depends on how much.

At 5’5”, if you’re maybe about 150lb or higher, you could go a bit bigger… add an inch or two.

Hoop Weights: All our Everyday Use, Hoop Dance Hoops and Fitness Hoops are considered “weighted hoops” and make great exercise hoops.

Our Light Tubing is 3/4″ and average weight is 14 oz to 1 lb. Available In the Everyday, Hoop Dance & Fitness Hoops Sections

Heavy Tubing is 3/4″ and around 1.5 lbs and can cause slight to moderate bruising if used anywhere besides the waist.Available In the Everyday Use Section.

So, if you think you’ll pick it up quickly (like if you could hoop as a kid), you may go on and go with the Light Tubing. It is more comfortable and will force you to hoop faster and you’ll have no choice but to tighten your core. The smaller the hoop is, the more core crunching it is.

Do You Sell What They Call 160 PSI Hoops for My Beginner Friends?

Heavier Hula Hoops for My Beginner Friends…

I’m looking for hula hoops for beginners. Most of my friends that are beginners find it very easy to hula hoop with my 160 psi weighted hula hoop. Do you sell that weight? If so, which category are they in? By the way, your prices are great!

The 160 psi weighted hula hoops can be found under the Everyday Use section…under Weight option, select Heavy.

And yes, the 160 hoops are much easier for beginners but about ½ of folks experience bruising at the hip bones (if skinny) and around the arms or legs if using them for hoop dance.

Pricing and sizes are the reason we opened years ago. Back in the day, you could only get 39-41” hoops and you were going to easily pay $39 before shipping. We kept running into too many folks that were too small or too big for the standard sizes and couldn’t really afford the price. We try to have something available for everyone…because everyone should be able to get those hooping giggles!

Best Beginner Hoop for a 57 Year Old?

I want to learn to hula hoop. I’m 57 years old and 5″10″ tall. I could never keep up a hula hoop as a child. Once I learn to hoop, I will be using it mainly for fitness. I am looking at the basic hula hoop, light weight and 42″ size. Do you think this would be a good beginner hula hoop / selection for me?

A good hula hoop for beginners is one that hits about 2 inches above the belly button. A 42 inch hoop would probably be a good choice. I believe the light weight tubing will be ok as it can cause bruising on some folks, and the hoop will be large enough that it should be easy to manage. Since you are beginning you may consider a candy cane hoop instead, it is just a bit more and has a grip tape layer that helps keep the hoop from slipping.

Now Let's Go Find Your Hoop!

When you select a category, you’ll first select a tape wrap style, then you will be able to select tube type, tape colors and size. All hoops in a given category are made of the same materials (except for the Heavy Tubing Option in the Everyday Use Section). The only difference in price is due to the tape style selected.