Hula Hoop Sizes and Weights

Are The Hoops You Sell Considered Weighted Hula Hoops?

All hoops we carry are considered weighted hula hoops. Weighted hula hoops are a great way to exercise. Many people ask me “what exactly IS a weighted hula hoop?”. That requires a longer answer. Weighted hula hoops come in many forms. Many places call any of the larger hula hoops built for adults and hoop dance weighted hula hoops. There are other places that offer hula hoops weighted with water or magnets or balls or….the list goes on and on.

We personally prefer the Light Tubing Hoops found in the Every Day Use section. They are heavier than the standard old hoop you were used to, so they are considered a weighted hula hoop. This is the tube type that most classes around the country use. What they don’t have is a bunch of water or other material tugging on you as the hoop goes around. Too much chance for back injuries and nasty bruising. We also offer a Heavy Tubing option in the Every Day Use section…it’s great for beginners as it’s a half pound heavier and will go around a bit slower. It is only recommended for waist hooping as it can possibly cause bruising..

Even our custom kid’s hula hoops are considered weighted hoops as the tubing is thicker than the little inexpensive hoops you used as a kid. They weigh a slight bit more at around 1/2 pound, but they’ll last a heck of a lot longer too!

Confused About Hula Hoop Sizes and Weights

Subject: Custom Hoop Sizes and Weights

I want to buy a few weighted hula hoops but I’m confused about the sizes and weight. I’ve read so many things about different preferences, I don’t know where to begin.

I read that a good size first hula hoop is
-160 psi
– 3/4 inch tubing
– 42 inch diameter

I don’t completely understand these numbers but which of your hoops are close to these specifications & are they all the same size tubing?

In other words i want a somewhat big, heavyish, and pretty hoop. What do you recommend?

Thank you!!!

Hi there-

That IS a good first size but there are a couple things to take into consideration. The 160 psi is pretty firm, not flexible at all and cause bruising if hooping around any part of your body besides the waist. So if you bruise easily, you might consider a 100 psi hula hoop, also known as our Light Tubing.

A lot of companies sell 42” hoops but that’s how we got into business in the first place. Shorter folks do better with hoops sized to fit them. So best rule of thumb is to measure from the ground to about 2” above your belly button if you’re a beginner, around belly button height if could hoops as a kid and believe you will pick it up quickly. There are many more rules of thumb based on what you’ll be doing with the hula hoop so we definitely recommend you read How to Select Your Hoop!

 For more info, please read: How to Select Your Hoop

Do You Sell Super Oversize Hula Hoops?

I recently ordered a hula hoop from your online store. I am interested in buying another hoop but the largest hoop that I see offered is not as big as I would like for my next hoop to be. I am looking to get a 50 inch basic candy striped hoop with an approximate weight of 2 pounds. Is it possible to special order hoops?


It is possible to special order hoops. Just let us know what size and style you are looking for and we’ll custom build a hula hoop to your specifications.

Your Hoop sells many varieties of over sized hula hoops, also known as tandem hoops. We build custom plus sized hoops for many applications. These large hoops are used in many different crafts, games, and activities. They are custom built in sizes from 4.5 ft up to 12ft in diameter. So whether you are looking for a hoop big enough to hoop with a friend, or to fly through while skydiving we can make it for you. We are proud to offer great looking plus size hoops to meet your hooping needs.

How are the weighted hula hoops different?

How are the hoops different? Why are some more expensive? I’m looking for fun exercise, what weight do you recommend? Thanks for your help.

Our Everyday Use Section offers weighted hula hoops using our Light tubing at around 1 lb and Heavy tubing at around 1.5 lbs. Hoop dance and Fitness hoop sections both offer the Light tubing that is also found in the Everyday section.

The price differences between each weighted hula hoop are solely based on the tapes…more expensive tapes and more layers of tape = higher price. Otherwise, all weighted hoops in a given section are made of the same materials.

For fun exercise, I’d go for a weighted hoop with the light tubing…it’s light enough that you’re less apt to experience bruising. It will also have you moving a bit faster which will force you to tighten your core, like it or not, just to keep the hoop up.

Hope that helps!

Hula Hoops for Bigger Women

I have a question regarding hula hoop sizes for an overweight lady. I’m overweight, but active and I wonder if hula hoops come in sizes for bigger women. I tried one recently at a festival and it was so much fun, but it was a little bit smaller and way more expensive than I’m willing to spend as a beginner. Thanks for any help you could give!

Our hoops come in all sizes for all shapes and we are happy to offer hoops for everyone’s needs.

We are here to help you figure out what size would do best for you. To find the plus size: measure from the ground to about 4 inches above your belly button. This should provide enough ratio of empty space within the hoop to allow it to move comfortably.

The price on a larger hoop is generally a bit more expensive, but we have many affordable styles and designs available that are sure to please.

My 160 PSI Hoop Feels Like It Will Bruise Me. What Should I Order?

Subject: Hoop Dance Hoops

I was told that my hoop dance hoop is made from 160 psi 3/4-inch tubing. It sometimes feels that the hoop is too heavy as it goes around my body and I’ve already gotten a few hula hoop induced bruises. I can easily waist hoop and am trying to learn some other tricks. Are your hoop dance hoops made of something lighter that might not hurt as much?

Our hoop dance hoops are made from a different tubing. Instead of using a heavy 160 we use a light 100 psi tubing.

A few of us at Your Hoop bruise quite easily with the 160 psi tubing and really don’t use those anywhere but the waist, for that very reason. The 100 psi Light Tubing hoops are about a ½ lb lighter and are a bit more flexible. You will definitely notice a difference when switching from a heavy 160 to a light 100 dance hoop.

Our Hoop Dance Hoops and Fitness Hoops are available using our Light Tubing only. The Light Tubing is also the default option for our Everday Use Hoops.

Need a Hula Hoop for Plus Size Woman

I teach fourth grade and I need a hula hoop that is large enough to fit me. It’s difficult to teach how to hula hoop when you can’t find one to fit. I’m 5’3 with a 46 inch waist and size 22 pants size. I hope you can help.

We are happy to help plus size women find hula hoops that will be a good fit for them.

At 5’3″ tall you would typically have something around a 39 inch hoop. While sizing your hoop we wouldn’t want it too big, since you’re not too tall. We would estimate that a 42 inch hoop would work for you. If you have a little trouble hooping regardless, you may want to try the Heavy tubing option (in our Everyday Use Section) which is 1/2 lb heavier and therefore goes around a little bit slower. Its is also bit more manageable as well.

With the right size custom hula hoop, you may struggle a bit initially. But with a little perseverance, you will be hooping it up in no time.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Pregnancy & Hoop Weights

Just wondering if you have any experience with pregnant hoopers. I was wondering what weighted hoop you would recommend to use (am first trimester at present) and also I am a beginner.

Your help would be appreciated!

We do…we’ve known a few hoopers that have hooped well into their final month of pregnancy. But please…check with your doctor first!

We have found most pregnant hoopers prefer the light tubing found as option in our Everyday Use or as the only option in the Hoopdance and Fitness Hoop sections. It’s lighter and more gentle when hitting the tummy. Since you’re a beginner, I’d go on and measure to two inches above the belly button which will also give you enough room when you grow.

What Size Hoop For My Mother?

Hi! I am purchasing a hula hoop for my mother. She is 5’7″ tall, weighs 195 lbs. Her waist is 38 inches. That measurement from the ground to 2 inches above her bellybutton is 39 inches. She wants a fitness hula hoop. What do you recommend?

Sizing can be tricky sometimes. Some folks are all legs and others have a longer torso… As you provided, a fair rule of thumb is to measure from the ground to about an inch or two above the belly button (the bigger the hoop, the slower the rotation). For a fitness hoop, we want the hoop to be as small as someone could manage. For more experienced hoopers or for those that could hoop as a kid, you could measure to belly button or slightly above. Very experienced hoopers typically go no more than an inch below the belly button. If her waist is a bit larger, you could add an inch or two. So, if she’s going to be just waist hooping to tighten the tummy, the smaller the hoop, the faster it will go around. The faster it goes naturally, the more you have to tighten your core, like it or not. So a 39″ would probably be just fine.

Hoop dancers will benefit from a bit more room in their hoop (more room to perform tricks without knocking yourself in the head!) than is necessary for exercise hooping around the waist (the smaller the hoop, the faster the rotation and the more you’ll have to tighten your core, like it or not).

If she is interested in hoopdance, she may go another inch or two to make sure there is enough room for tricks at her height.

What Size Hoop Should I Get at 5’4

Subject: hoop size

I am interested in taking hula hoop lessons. How do I know what size of hoop dance hoop to order? I am 5’4, 115 lbs. female and afraid that the hoop would be too large.

Sometimes selecting a hoop size can seem a little intimidating. We are here to help you find a size that is right for you. For your height and weight, I would probably measure from the ground to just a an inch or two above your belly button. You’ll want the hoop a bit big so there’s room to do tricks, but not so big that it swallows you whole.

Our hoopdance hoops feature our 3/4″ Light tubing with no filler. We recommend light tubing with no added weight to get the speed you want to do fast tricks. If you are beginner, or more of a low tempo music kinda person, heavy tubing is a good choice.

Now Let's Go Find Your Hoop!

When you select a category, you’ll first select a tape wrap style, then you will be able to select tube type, tape colors and size. All hoops in a given category are made of the same materials (except for the Heavy Tubing Option in the Everyday Use Section). The only difference in price is due to the tape style selected. If you are taking a class and do not know, you can always ask your instructor what type tubing they recommend.