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Hoop for Tall Man Ready to Lose Weight...

I’m a 50 year old man, about 6′ 2″, and weigh too much (about 230). I’ve started hooping with my gf’s hoop; though I have a hard time keeping it up for more than 10 or 20 spins. I’m not in particular good physical shape; though for the last few weeks, I have been jumping on a personal trampoline, hooping and doing pushups at least 5 days a weeks.

I was wondering whether I should get a different size hoop than hers. Her hoop reaches to just below my bellybutton. Not sure what it weighs. If you need more precise measurements, I could look for a tape measure and try to weigh it.

In any case, what hoop you recommend? Size, Weight, Style (smooth or ridged or …?), etc.

Welcome to the addiction of hooping. J It IS a good way to exercise without it really feeling like it. Anything you can do while watching TV is a plus!

On to the details… If you’re doing it to lose weight, the smaller and lighter the hoop, the faster it will go around. This forces you to use your core more like it or not! For those just wanting to hoop around the waist for weight loss, we usually recommend the Light Tubing (found in the Fitness Hoops section) at 1 to 2” below the belly button. At 6’2”, you may want to go 2-3” below to get the speed up.

I Weight 348 lbs, Which Hoop Is Right For Me?

I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 348 lbs. I am currently walking and dieting. I would love to try hooping…which one should I order?

You could pick a hoop in our Everyday Use section. Though it can cause bruising when doing tricks, if you’re just using it for basic exercise and waist hooping, you might try the Heavy Tubing option. It’s about a 1/2 lb heavier and goes around a bit slower which may help if you’re just beginning.

If you can, measure from the floor to about … I’d say 3″ above your belly button to give you enough room to hoop comfortably and not TOO fast. 🙂 If I’d have to guess, maybe about a 39 or 40″ hoop.