Hoop Dance Q & A

Best Size Hoop for Bellydancers?

Hi! I am interested in buying a hula hoop and just had a few questions. I have never hooped before other than when i was a kid. I am a pro bellydancer and want to add something new into my performances. I am 5″4 and about 115 pounds. I measured myself and think the 41 inch hoop would work. Does that sound right? Also I was interested in this hoop and wondered if beginners will do well with it? Or should I spend less money on a hoop now because I ‘ll most likely get a smaller size soon? Thanks on advance for your help. If there is any other info you can give me I would appreciate it. Thanks so much!

At your size and if you’ll be dancing with it you would probably want one that hits an inch or two above your belly button. This will give you room to do tricks. Being a dancer, you will probably pick up it quickly. So I would not necessarily go bigger for beginners sake.

What Is a Good Size Hula Hoop for Tricks?

I am a beginner, I have been using a weighted hoop but now would like to learn a few easy tricks. I think all my hula hoops are too heavy and/or thick. I am not sure what size I need for simple tricks. Weight is also a concern. I do not bruise easily but cannot circle the hoops I have with my hand on my back. I also cannot place my hand inside to try and lift. I am 5’4″ 140 lbs and 55 years old. Can you help me?

It’s hard to tell right off what type tubing you currently have. A lot of companies sell weighted hoops, some only use the light tubing and some use the heavy. We do offer both as well as an even lighter tubing that’s the same diameter tubing as the kiddie size hoops which can be made to an adult’s size.

Our light tubing standard size hoop is about 1 lb Heavy tubing standard size is about 1.5 lbs (usually causes bruising on ME but not everyone) Both of these are options in the Weight Option box for any item in the Everyday Use Sections.

The really light tubing is about 1/2 lb and is under the Pro Performance Section. You’ll want to get a hoop that’s about 1″ above your belly button so you’ll have room for tricks.
If you know who you bought the previous hoop from, we can try to figure out what you currently have.

Hoop Dance Hoops...Mine Is Too Heavy! Do You Sell Lighter Hoops?

I was told that my hula hoop is made from 160 psi 3/4-inch tubing. It sometimes feels that the hoop is too heavy as it goes around my body, almost like it will bruise me. I can easily waist hoop and am trying to learn some other tricks. Are your hoop dance hoops made of something lighter that might not hurt as much?

Our hoop dance hoops are made from 100 psi. I bruise quite easily with the 160 psi…and really don’t use those ANYWHERE but the waist for that reason. The 100 psi are ½ lb lighter and are a bit more flexible…you’ll definitely notice a difference from the 160.

What PSI is your Dance Hoop Tubing?

What PSI are your dance hoops…and are the dance hoops all 3/4″? I want one that when I go around my neck it won’t hurt. I’m a real puppy. 🙂

Yes, all dance hoops are 3/4″ 100 psi. I don’t have any trouble with that tubing but I bruise easily when I use the 160 psi. If you want super small tubing…it’s about same size as original hula hoops, just more sturdy and we can make them bigger…check out the Pro Performance section. It’s 1/2″ tubing.

Now Let's Go Find Your Hoop!

When you select a category, you’ll first select a tape wrap style, then you will be able to select tube type, tape colors and size. All hoops in a given category are made of the same materials (except for the Heavy Tubing Option in the Everyday Use Section). The only difference in price is due to the tape style selected.