Find the Right Hula Hoop For Kids

Your Hoop’s kiddie hoops are so sturdy, they can last longer than you think!  The original “Your Hoop”, made by our owner’s grandfather using the same materials we still use today is now over 30 years old and still in perfect working order!

Custom Kid's Hula Hoop Question

I have a 5 year old 45 lbs who wants a fun hula hoop for Christmas. Which one do you recommend for her and can it be designed with the different tapes and such?

Our hoops make great Christmas presents and we are proud to offer a variety of kids hoops with great tape designs. All the hoops in our Hoop Play Kid’s section are made with the same reliable materials as our adult hoops. With many different designs to choose from, you can pick tape colors for each. The Glitterlicious hoop is the most popular. It has the colors and flash that kids love.

The best bet to size a kids hoop is to measure from the ground to about three inches above the belly button. This will give her a little room to grow into her new hoop.

Do You Sell Hula Hoops Like My Daughter Has At School?

Hi. I’m interested in a new hula hoop for my daughter. She is 9 years old and wants one like the hula hoops she has at school which are sturdier and heavier than what we can find in stores. Can you give us some guidance? 2″ above her belly button is about 32.5″. What size and what style should we get? Thanks!!!

Since the tubing used in the kids hula hoop she uses at school is more sturdy than the hoops you can find in the stores, it may be constructed with a larger diameter tube. Our hula hoops for kids use ½ inch tubing and adult hoops use a thicker ¾ inch. Most kids her age are still using our kid’s hoops. They are the same size as a store bought hoop but much more sturdy and a bit heavier. Some children her age go on and start using their mom’s hoops around that age. So whether she wants a slim hoop with a more sturdy feel or a thicker heavier hoop in a smaller size, we can do both.

As far as style goes, all hoops within each category are exactly the same underneath the tape. Kids hoops come in many designs and choosing the tape colors is part of the fun. My only recommendation there is getting something with at least one layer of grip tape to help keep the hoop from slipping.

For the size, 2 to 3 inches above the belly button is a good place to start so she can have a little room to grow in the same hoop.

Hula Hoops for a Three Year Old

Subject: Hula Hoop for a 3 yr Old

My toddler would like a hula hoop like the hoop I have, but I cannot find the right size for her. How do I go about measuring her to find the correct size hula hoop?

Typically you can measure from the ground to about 3-4″ above the belly button for kids that tiny. Most three year olds can not hula hoop, but we have seen many that somehow are able to keep the hula hoop up, so we try to get a size that’s appropriate just in case you have a little budding hoop star on your hands. The smallest size we can build is about 26″.

Questions About Ordering a Children's Hoop

I would like to order a custom children’s hoop for my niece, but have questions before I placed the order.

I have several hoops of my own and have a pretty specific idea of what I’d like to get for her. She LOVES the color pink and she also loves sparkly/glittery things, so I’d really like to get her a hoop that is all pink glitter holographic tape accented by a stripe of purple grip tape (a thin stripe as seems to be indicated by the size of the tape on your website). I would like for the vinyl tubing to be completely covered by the tape if that’s possible. I realize that this will make the hoop a little heavier, but that’s ok.

In looking at the options available on your website, I couldn’t figure out whether you’d be able to make a hoop like that or how to go about placing the order. If you would let me know when you have a chance, that would be great.

Also, my niece measures 27 inches from the floor to her belly button. What size hoop would you recommend, allowing some room for growth?

Many thanks for your help!

The order wouldn’t be a problem at all. 🙂 I believe the style you’re wanting would be a Candy Cane style hoop found in our Kid’s hula hoops section.

The grip tape is placed at the edges of the glitter to keep the glitter tape from curling or fraying. In the Base Color option, Glitter tapes follow the Vinyl colors. The Bright Pink Glitter should be just what you’re looking for.

As far as size goes, most folks go about 3-4 inches above a child’s belly button to leave a little room to grow. 🙂 We HAVE seen kids as young as 5 hoop with an adult size/weighted hoop and they enjoy it thoroughly, but it can look uncomfortable and pretty funny!

Thanks so much!

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