Weighted Hula Hoop

weighted hula hoop

Weighted hula hoops are a great way to exercise. Many people ask me “what exactly IS a weighted hula hoop?”. That requires a longer answer.  Weighted hula hoops come in many forms.  Many places call any of the larger hula hoops built for adults and hoop dance weighted hula hoops.

There are other places that offer hula hoops weighted with water or magnets or balls or….the list goes on and on. Although we DO offer water weighted hula hoops, we do not recommend them.  We personally prefer the Light Tubing Hoops found in the Every Day Use section.  They are heavier than the standard old hoop you were used to, so they are considered a weighted hula hoop. This is the tube type that most classes around the country use.  What they don’t have is a bunch of water or other material tugging on you as the hoop goes around.  Too much chance for back injuries and nasty bruising.

We also offer a Heavy Tubing option in the Every Day Use section…it’s great for beginners as it’s a half pound heavier and will go around a bit slower. It is only recommended for waist hooping as it can possibly cause bruising.