Top 5 Benefits of Learning to Hula Hoop

hula hoop benefits

The first benefit of hula hooping is FUN!

Somewhere between a balancing act and dancing, hula hooping is a blast. We all remember our first attempts at hooping, seeing how long we could keep the hoop up. With some practice it can be quite the spectator sport.

Just watching someone hula hoop while they throw in a few tricks, or use multiple hoops can be quite exciting. Now imagine how fun it might be to do such maneuvers yourself.


The second benefit in learning to hoop is the exercise.

The learned rhythmic motions take practice and make exercise fun. Like dancing, hooping can involve an extensive selection of moves and tricks that require stability and flexibility. As the hooping becomes more advanced the amount of muscle coordination needed increases. As soon as you pick up the hoop, whether you are a pro or just a beginner, you are already working on muscle tone and burning those calories.


Portability is third on this list of benefits.

Hula hoops come in many different sizes and weights most of which you can take with you. You could get a fun workout in a park, or practice your moves in the living room. A set of mini hoops or arm hoops can provide an arm or leg workout practically anywhere. With some more modern designs you could even carry a collapsible hoop in a shoulder bag. Hoops are a portable and fun exercise idea.


The fourth benefit is the appeal of the hoop itself.

Hula hooping appeals to children and adults alike. I remember the hula hoop as a popular toy when I was young. Watching someone else try to hula hoop just made me want to try. There are many success stories out there by men, women, and children, when it comes to hooping. Mastery of the hula hoop can even be seen on televised talent shows. What’s not to like?


The fifth benefit of hula hooping is self expression.

Custom hula hoops can really show off your personality. Being able to choose colors, designs, weights, and sizes, makes each custom hoop a work of art. Whether you want to make and design your own, or have one made by an experienced hoop designer, there are beautiful hoops out there to be had. Get a handful of hoops that best suit you and get hooping!


Now Let's Go Find Your Hoop!