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Top 5 Benefits of Learning to Hula Hoop

hula hoop benefits

The first benefit of hula hooping is FUN! Somewhere between a balancing act and dancing, hula hooping is a blast. We all remember our first attempts at hooping, seeing how long we could keep the hoop up. With some practice it can be quite the spectator sport. Just watching someone hula hoop while they throw […]

Exercise Hula Hoop

exercise hula hoop

Many people have begun hula hooping again for exercise. It’s a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Hula hooping became popular in the 50’s thanks to the introduction of the Hula Hoop by Wham-o®.   In the late 90s, larger versions were popping up at clubs, concerts and events. People began […]

Custom Adult Hula Hoops

hula hoop contest

During my first visit to Burning Man back in 2000, I ran into a theme camp full of folks hooping with adult size hula hoops. I’d been hooping for years with the hula hoop my grandfather first made for me when I was a kid  I absolutely loved it. The hoops they were using looked like the same […]

Fun & Affordable Exercise Hoops

Hula hoop exercise has always been a part of my workout regimen. Sometimes more than others over the years…but I’ve always loved how something and fun and easy as an exercise hula hoop can tighten the tummy muscles. Weighted hula hoops are a great way to exercise.When I was 11 years old, I asked my grandfather […]

Work Out Hula Hoops

work out hula hoops

Work Out Hula Hoops? Oh yes, my friend, we have work out hula hoops. We personally prefer and recommend the light tubing in our Fitness Hoops Section.  Hula hoop exercise is a great craze …who doesn’t like having fun…and getting a good work out in the process? By incorporating hoop dance, work out hula hoops can help you […]

Exercise Hula Hoops

weighted hula hoop

Exercise hula hoops are a great way to trick yourself into exercising while having fun or just watching tv!  To this day, I still get the giggles when the hula hoop first begins spinning around my waist.  Benefit number one?  The smiles.  But for those of us not so apt to make it to the gym […]

Weighted Hula Hoop

weighted hula hoop

Weighted hula hoops are a great way to exercise. Many people ask me “what exactly IS a weighted hula hoop?”. That requires a longer answer.  Weighted hula hoops come in many forms.  Many places call any of the larger hula hoops built for adults and hoop dance weighted hula hoops. There are other places that offer hula […]

Fitness Hoops – Hula Hoop Fitness

fitness hoop

A fitness hoop is nothing new. We’re just glad it’s caught on with the masses!  Fitness hoops are larger and are made from a heavier tubing than the hula hoop you used as a child.  Just hooping around your waist with a fitness hoop while watching tv will help tighten your tummy in no time. […]

Custom Sized to Order Hoop Dance Hoop

hoop dance hoops

Hoop dance is a newer craze in a centuries old tradition.  People have been using hoops for years, and yes, dancing with them.  Hoop dance has evolved as an art form in recent years.  From hipsters in the clubs hoop dancing to fast beats to the spinning hippies spinning hoops at shows … hoop dance […]