Little Man Ice Cream’s 5th Annual Hula Hoop Competition

Little Man Ice Cream in Denver held their The 5th Annual Hula Hoop competition on September 28th this year with tons of prizes and proceeds donated back to neighborhood schools.

All ages and skill sets were welcome and what’s fun about this hula hoop event is that schools and neighborhoods are pitted against one another to take the prizes in categories like style, originality and best dressed (in school logo tees of course!).

According to the North Denver Tribune, “Eight local schools including Ana Marie Sandoval, Brown International Academy, Bryant Webster, Colfax, Edison, Lake International School, Skinner Middle School and Valdez participated along with a community contingent. Adults and kids from as far North as Peak-to-Peak in Lafayette and Stargate Charter School in Thornton to Northeast Westerly Creek in Stapleton, Central University Park and Southwest Creighton in Lakewood helped to support the North Denver schools. Participants paid a $5.00 registration fee that went directly back to the schools.”.

read more about the fun here…

[h/t Basha Cohen for North Denver Tribune || Image Credits: Shawn Smith, Basha Cohen ]

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