Hula Hoop Fun, Arctic Style!

We love hearing from our customers and potential customers about some of the fun things folks can do with a hula hoop. Believe me when I say we’ve heard it all. After reading about the fun in Kotzebue, Alaska on New Year’s Eve, it struck us that some may not think of the hula hoop as a year round outdoor activity.

Hula Hoop – Arctic Style

After learning that what is usually a something below zero night was going to hover around the mid 20s, the good folks of Kotzebue came together to create a fun event with activities that could go well beyond waiting in their cards for the fireworks and snowmobile races.

Local volunteers and businesses came together creating games like a Dash for Cash, 3 Legged Races and a Hula Hoop Challenge.

This is what got us laughing… “In the Hula Hoop game, participants — from small children to Elders — had to try and keep the hoop up the longest in all their bulky, winter gear.”

Growing up in the midwest amongst snow drifts that would come way over my head, and having spent many years of my childhood looking like I walked right out of A Christmas Story, I can’t help but laugh at the thought.

Are you a winter hooper?  Tell us about it and share your hula hoop pics!

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[h/t Jillian Rogers The Arctic Sounder]

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