Current Custom Hula Hoop Build Time: 5-10 Biz Days

Fitness Hoops – Hula Hoop Fitness

fitness hoop

A fitness hoop is nothing new. We’re just glad it’s caught on with the masses!  Fitness hoops are larger and are made from a heavier tubing than the hula hoop you used as a child.  Just hooping around your waist with a fitness hoop while watching tv will help tighten your tummy in no time.

No one said exercise is easy, but it sure can be fun when using a fitness hula hoop.  Grab a few friends and learn new fitness hula hoop moves and get the giggles going at the same time. Really, it doesn’t feel like exercise at all.

If that’s not enough, venture into the world of hoop dance and you’ve got a full body workout that’ll get you lean and mean (OK, we’ve yet to meet a mean hooper) faster than you think!

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