Feb 7th & 8th – 25th Annual Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest

We love a a good ol’ hula hoop, but it’s inspiring to see the ways in which a hoop is used in so many different cultures and traditions. We’re excited to see the athletic, artistic beauty and cultural traditions at this year’s World Championship Hoop Dance Contest. Held at the Libby Amphitheater on February 7th and 8th from 9:30a-5pm in downtown Phoenix, AZ. Last year’s competition ended up in a final standoff to determine the final standing.

Canadian First Nation and American Indian hoop dancers will compete to win the prestigious title and cash prizes.  Hoop dancers display the culture and tradition of their respective people with their own detailed designs and footwork.

According to Heard Museum, Individual routines are presented using as few as four to as many as 50 hoops, which are manipulated to create a variety of designs including animals, butterflies and globes.

Dancers are judged on a slate of five skills: precision, timing/rhythm, showmanship, creativeness and speed.

[h/t Heard Museum  || Image Credit: Heard Museum / by ApphiaShirley ]