Exercise Hula Hoops

weighted hula hoop

Exercise hula hoops are a great way to trick yourself into exercising while having fun or just watching tv!  To this day, I still get the giggles when the hula hoop first begins spinning around my waist.  Benefit number one?  The smiles.  But for those of us not so apt to make it to the gym to have the ability to just watch tv and use an exercise hoop to tighten those tummy muscles while not even thinking about it is nothing short of fabulous.

Exercise hoops can work more than your waist…get creative and before you know it, you’ll be feeling muscles you haven’t noticed in years.  It’s always important to remember not to overdo it.  But have fun, work your way up, and the waist will work it’s way down.  🙂

Your hoop creates custom built to order exercise hoops for folks of all ages, shapes and sizes. No cookie cutter hoops here!  If you want a larger exercise hoop, we’ll make it happen. Want to go super small? No problem! We’ll create the exercise hoop that’s right for you!

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