Professional & Circus Hoops

I represent a Russian hoop artist traveling with a circus here in the U.S. As this was her first tour in the U.S., we had no idea we’d need to have quite so many replacement hoops for her. (She uses about 30 hoops during one show).

Little did we know we’d have such a time finding circus hoops for sale. The cost of shipping her adult sized professional hula hoops from Russia was just too expensive so I began looking for a source. We found many places that sold professional hula hoops and made the mistake of ordering a few that were entirely too big. Circus hula hoops use a much smaller tubing since these girls use so many hoops at a time.

Thank goodness we found you. I called and within a week we had a new batch of replacement hoops. They were exactly like the ones she’s been using for years back home. She couldn’t have been happier. Since she’s on tour, it’s important that the shipment arrives in the correct city and we had no problem whatsoever. We’ve since ordered a few shipments and each time, they look great and arrive on time in the city we need.


Thank You Your Hoop!