Custom Hula Hoops for Kids

Your Hoop saved our Christmas! I had to write to thank you guys…you really did save Christmas for us! The ONE thing our daughter wanted for Christmas was a hula hoop.

My wife and I hit every toy store, Walmart, anywhere we could think of to find a hula hoop for kids. We had NO IDEA that children’s hula hoops were seasonal. What a last minute nightmare.We found a few sites that sold hula hoops for kids but we could not buy single hoops! We had no need for a 10 pack of kid’s hula hoops. Thank God we found you. It was past your Christmas cut off but the woman we spoke with on the phone was very helpful. She took our number and said she’d call us back to check the queue. We had a call back within 5 minutes telling us we’d be able to get a hoop in time and let us know the shipping rates we could choose from to make sure we’d get it in time. Your Hoop really saved the day!

Amelie’s hoop arrived on Christmas Eve. I’m a grown man so it’s no surprise I had no idea how neat looking a custom children’s hula hoop could be. It really was too cute…and she’s just too cute hooping with it. We ended up buying one for my wife as well and watching the two of them hula hoop and laugh¬†together brightens my day.


Thank you SO much!


Derek L.


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