Custom Hula Hoops for Gyms gives a new meaning to custom fitness hula hoops. Our gym has bought custom hula hoops in bulk from quite a few fitness hoop manufacturers out there over the last three years. Seeing a consistent quality in the way the tape is applied, pricing and shipping costs all have been issues with every company we’ve tried until finally settling on YourHoop. We’ve been ordering from YourHoop for 10 months now and every hoop we get is just as perfect as the next.

Having custom hula hoops available for our students is critical. Once students take our first class, they’re usually very anxious to get their own adult hula hoop (we’ve bought quite a few kid size custom hoops as well).

We place an order every two weeks and each student not only gets a discount on their hoop by waiting to order through us but they save on the shipping too since the hoops are shipped together. Oh yeah, and we make a little extra cash on the side. It’s a great deal for everyone involved!