Big Hula Hoops

I used to love hula hooping as a kid.  When I reached my mid 20’s I broke out my old hoops and realized that they were too small for me. Desperate  for some hula hooping fun, I searched the internet for big hula hoops for adults.

You wouldn’t believe how many big hula hoop sites there are!  I encountered many sites with big hula hoops but they didn’t have the incredible number of options for custom hula hoops that has.  Many sites would let you pick from a few different tape styles and a few hoop sizes but no sites had as many size options for adult hula hoops. To be able to pick your specific tube type and size…pretty  impressive.

Even more impressive was the service I received from I had a tough time deciding what size tubing to go with and wasn’t exactly sure what size I wanted. I decided to call and had possibly the best customer service experience I’ve ever had.  The person on the phone talked me through everything, asking questions along the way and made a recommendation.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result!  The tape job was PERFECT and the hoop “fits” me like a charm.