Adult Hula Hoops Custom Built & Sized to Order from Your Hoop

I was at an outdoor concert a few months ago and saw a bunch of folks hooping with adult hula hoops. I had never seen such a thing. It looked just like a regular hula hoop but the tube was bigger around and the hoop itself was larger.

A large hula hoop just for grownups! How cool. I immediately ran home and bought a couple adult hula hoops for my husband and myself from the first online store I could find.

The hoop was OK…but the tape job was a little sloppy and althought my husband’s was fine, I really wanted one a little smaller as I’m an adult on the short side. : ) Unfortunately, it took awhile for the company I bought my hoop from to get back to me, but once they did, they told me they only sold 4 standard sizes hula hoops on their site and that was it.

I started looking around more and finally found You guys were great! Very helpful…responded to my emails within minutes…hoop arrived within a week…and it is BEAUTIFUL.




Amy P.


Tallahassee, FL