Current Custom Hula Hoop Build Time: 5-10 Biz Days

Adult Hula Hoop Custom Built and Sized to Order

While at the park about a month ago, I met a lady who was using an adult hula hoop. She let me borrow it for a few minutes and WOW. What a revelation.

So, I went home and started searching for one. I found Your Hoop and was SO glad I did. The woman on the phone was so helpful and talked me through picking out the right hoop for me. She asked quite a few questions about my height and waist size and if I’d be using it for exercise, for hoop dance, if I’d just be using it around my waist or all over.

After much discussion, we decided on a size and weight hoop and when I received my totally custom hoop built just for me within a week, I was totally amazed. The service at Your Hoop is absolutely fabulous! I’ve since placed about 10 orders because these hoops are now a favorite gift to give!




Allison G

Fresno, CA