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Hoopin on Air

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This hoop is so fabulous you'll feel like you're hooping on air! It's great for hula hoop fitness or just some good ol' fun! Pick your hoop style and colors…

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This hoop is so fabulous you’ll feel like you’re hooping on air! It’s great for hula hoop fitness or just some good ol’ fun! Pick your size, hoop style and your colors… 

Fitness Hoop Size

The bigger the hoop, the slower and easier it is to manage. Beginners can measure from the ground to about 2″ above the belly button. Experienced waist hoopers can measure from the ground to belly button height or for even more burn measure from the ground to 2 to 4″ below the belly button.

Fitness Hoop Tubing

Light – a 39″ hoop weighs @ 1lb. Weight varies based on size of hoop, tubing and tape style chosen.   Our light tubing is still considered a weighted hula hoop but is less apt to cause bruising.

Hoop Style Click for more info

Select Standard, Collapsible or Hoop Link.

Our  Collapsible Hoops are custom built to order and are available as a 1 pc, 4 pc, 6 pc or 8 pc style. The 1 Pc Collapsible Hoop is an economical way to have a travel hoop. Coil it down – don’t twist and secure with wire ties or pony tail holders. The 4, 6 and 8 pc hoops come apart into sections and are numbered for easy assembly and to ensure a tight, secure fit.

Our Hoop Links let your hoop fit your mood. Choose a 2 inch Hoop Link to increase your chosen hoop size by two inches or a 4 inch Hoop Link to increase it by four inches.

EXAMPLE: You can order a 36″ hoop and add a 2 inch Hoop Link to increase it to 38″. Order a 40″ and a 4 inch Hoop Link to increase it to 44″.

Want to See How Certain Tapes Look Next to Others?
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Care & Use

Click here for information about How to Use Your Hoop with links to helpful videos, How to Assemble Your Standard or Collapsible Hoop, Hoop Storage, Reshaping and more..

Shipping Information

To avoid high shipping charges or damage to Your Hoop, hoops ship coiled down in a box but don’t fret, they’re easy to push together. We ship the hoops with the connector secured inside one end of the hoop. Once pushed together, it is a permanent non collapsible hoop.

Click here for easy assembly information for Standard & Collapsible Hoops.

Policies & Other Important Information

Click here to read more including information on Return and Damage Policies.