Hoop Coins Rewards Program

9953_20100818230325_YayWe really appreciate your business and to show you our appreciation, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our Hoop Coins Rewards Program when you create an account at Your Hoop.

You’ll earn 1 Hoop Coin for every dollar spent on most every item in the store.

20 Hoop Coins equals $1.

Earn 40 Hoop Coins for just creating an account and 1 Hoop Coin for every dollar spent. You can even create an account and then redeem Your Hoop Coins on your first purchase!

Create Your Hoop Account here!

You can redeem partial Hoop Coins on an order, so you can specify how many Hoop Coins you use towards that order.


Just log in to see your points earned in My Account!