How To Care For and Use Your Hula Hoop

Read on to learn more about how to care for and use Your Hoop!

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Hoop Use:

Hula hooping on driveways, gravel, concrete and asphalt can damage the tape on your hoop. Carpet, grass and smooth flooring are much easier on your custom hoop. If hooping in tight areas, make sure you move any furniture, lamps, pets, other people, etc.

Are you ready to do more than just hula hoop around your waist? Get together with a few friends and help each other figure out new moves. Learning to hula hoop can be a daunting task for some and easy breezy for others. There are umpteen videos on youtube to get you started. Here’s a couple links to help you find videos to get you going!

ExpertVillage Videos – A full series of hoop instruction videos from beginning to super advanced hoopdance moves…this really is a great way to get started!

Random Hoop Instruction Videos


It is best to store your hoop laying flat in a cool place. Do not squish or squeeze Your Hoop! Hanging your hoop or prolonged exposure to heat like sitting in your car can cause it to get out of shape. For long term storage of collapsible hoops, wire ties work great. For quick access, we love the pony tail holders with two plastic balls where one ball loops over the other. Use two to three…easy breezy!


If your hoop has gotten out of shape, make sure it is room temperature or let it sit in the sun. Once warm, stand the hoop in front of you with the most distorted point on the ground. With hands about one foot apart, push down gently. Keep turning the hoop, pushing down as you go and soon, Your Hoop will be nice and round again! Be careful not to press down with your toes by standing on the hoop as you CAN crush it.


A slightly damp sponge or washcloth with a small amount of soap is the best way to get smudges off. Be careful not to use anything abrasive on your tapes.

Standard Hoops:

We ship the hoops with the connector secured inside one end of the hoop. When you receive it, stand Your Hoop in front of you and push the exposed end of the connector into the hoop using an up & down motion…see the video.

If necessary, carefully heating the open end of the hoop with a hair dryer (or grabbing a strong buddy) can make it easier to push together.

Now that you have pushed together your Standard Hoop, there’s one last step…

Locate the plastic peg under the tape near the connection point. You’ll then insert the attached peg into the hole drilled underneath your tape…once you have, it’s a permanent non collapsible hoop.

How to Connect Your Hula Hoop

Collapsible Hoops:

Collapsible Hula Hoop

To connect, push down on the push button while you insert the connector into the hoop. Push the hoop together and then wiggle or slightly push up and down to pop the button into place.

To disconnect, push down on the push button until you see it go past the thickness of the hoop tubing and pull apart. If you have difficulty, a pen can be a helpful push tool.