Made in the USA since ’06!

Your Hoops were hand made in Nashville, TN since 2006. We happily provided countless options for you to customize your hoop dance hoop, exercise hula hoop, performance hula hoop or fitness hula hoop to YOUR personal size and specifications.

Are you absolutely dying for a Your Hoop hoop? Did you order something custom and need a repeat? Send us an email, we consider requests on a case by case basis.

Have Fun with Your Hoop!

Your Hoop News

  • Adult Hula Hoops Custom Built & Sized to Order from Your Hoop
    I was at an outdoor concert a few months ago and saw a bunch of folks hooping with adult hula hoops. I had never seen such a thing. It looked just like a regular hula hoop but the tube was …
  • Adult Hula Hoop Custom Built and Sized to Order
    While at the park about a month ago, I met a lady who was using an adult hula hoop. She let me borrow it for a few minutes and WOW. What a revelation. So, I went home and started searching …
  • Ditch the Chips & Hit the Hula Hoop InsteadDitch the Chips & Hit the Hula Hoop Instead
    We love to hear sucess stories that involve hula hoops and this one has an amusing twist. Our neighbors across the pond in Britain have a yummy, crunchy snack called Hula Hoops. According to Daily Mail, “a mother-of-one has dropped four …