Made in the USA since ’06!

Your Hoops have been hand made in Nashville, TN since 2006. We happily provide countless options for you to customize your hoop dance hoop, exercise hula hoop, performance hula hoop or fitness hula hoop to YOUR personal size and specifications.

Affordable Custom Hoops

We realize all hoopers just aren’t built the same. That’s why we custom build each hoop to fit YOU without the wait! Size, tape, weight…you tell us, we can make it happen. Don’t see what you want? Just send us an email!

Built Just For You!

Your Hoop came about from a need for people to have an unintimidating and affordable way to join in the hooping fun. That’s why we have an adult hula hoop, a fitness hoop and a hoop dance hula hoop starting at just $9.99!


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Your Hoop News

  • Hula Hoop FaceHula Hoop Face
    Yeah, I think you know it, that unmistakable “heck yeah, I’m hooping” look, aka hula hoop face. Well just watch the first minute of this video and I think you’ll have a good giggle.  To the non-hooper, I bet these folks …
  • Hooping the Way to HappinessHooping the Way to Happiness
    This is a great example of why we do what we do…  We know the healing power of the hula hoop and the fun it can bring. Hooping renews a sense of childhood, says Carissa Caricato who has been travelling …
  • Hula Hoop Fun, Arctic Style!Hula Hoop Fun, Arctic Style!
    We love hearing from our customers and potential customers about some of the fun things folks can do with a hula hoop. Believe me when I say we’ve heard it all. After reading about the fun in Kotzebue, Alaska on New …