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  • Ditch the Chips & Hit the Hula Hoop Instead

    We love to hear sucess stories that involve hula hoops and this one has an amusing twist. Our neighbors across the pond in Britain have a yummy, crunchy snack called Hula Hoops. According to Daily Mail, “a mother-of-one has dropped four dress sizes, going from a size 16 to a size 8, by swapping Hula Hoops […]
  • Hula Hoop Fun, Arctic Style!

    We love hearing from our customers and potential customers about some of the fun things folks can do with a hula hoop. Believe me when I say we’ve heard it all. After reading about the fun in Kotzebue, Alaska on New Year’s Eve, it struck us that some may not think of the hula hoop as […]
  • Big Hula Hoops

    I used to love hula hooping as a kid.  When I reached my mid 20’s I broke out my old hoops and realized that they were too small for me. Desperate  for some hula hooping fun, I searched the internet for big hula hoops for adults. You wouldn’t believe how many big hula hoop sites there are!  I […]
  • Hoopdance Hula Hoops

    I spent way too much time looking for a hoopdance hula hoop but couldn’t find the tape style I was looking for. There are alot of places that sell dance hoops but they don’t always have a lot of dance hoop sizes….and the tape jobs haven’t always been very good.  You had a great selection of […]