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  • Ditch the Chips & Hit the Hula Hoop Instead

    We love to hear sucess stories that involve hula hoops and this one has an amusing twist. Our neighbors across the pond in Britain have a yummy, crunchy snack called Hula Hoops. According to Daily Mail, “a mother-of-one has dropped four dress sizes, going from a size 16 to a size 8, by swapping Hula Hoops […]
  • Custom Adult Hula Hoops

    During my first visit to Burning Man back in 2000, I ran into a theme camp full of folks hooping with adult size hula hoops. I’d been hooping for years with the hula hoop my grandfather first made for me when I was a kid  I absolutely loved it. The hoops they were using looked like the same […]
  • Professional & Circus Hoops

    I represent a Russian hoop artist traveling with a circus here in the U.S. As this was her first tour in the U.S., we had no idea we’d need to have quite so many replacement hoops for her. (She uses about 30 hoops during one show). Little did we know we’d have such a time […]
  • Big Hula Hoops

    I used to love hula hooping as a kid.  When I reached my mid 20’s I broke out my old hoops and realized that they were too small for me. Desperate  for some hula hooping fun, I searched the internet for big hula hoops for adults. You wouldn’t believe how many big hula hoop sites there are!  I […]