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  • Little Man Ice Cream’s 5th Annual Hula Hoop Competition

    Little Man Ice Cream in Denver held their The 5th Annual Hula Hoop competition on September 28th this year with tons of prizes and proceeds donated back to neighborhood schools. All ages and skill sets were welcome and what’s fun about this hula hoop event is that schools and neighborhoods are pitted against one another to take […]
  • Hula Hoop Give Away!

    Congratulations to our most recent winner in our Pictures for Hoops contest. Sydney R has won a pair of Candy Cane Mini Hoops. Remember you can also be entered in a drawing to win free hoops by sending us your hula hoop pics here!             Her Hoop Story: I […]
  • Hula Hoop Fun, Arctic Style!

    We love hearing from our customers and potential customers about some of the fun things folks can do with a hula hoop. Believe me when I say we’ve heard it all. After reading about the fun in Kotzebue, Alaska on New Year’s Eve, it struck us that some may not think of the hula hoop as […]
  • Work Out Hula Hoops

    Work Out Hula Hoops? Oh yes, my friend, we have work out hula hoops. We personally prefer and recommend the light tubing in our Fitness Hoops Section.  Hula hoop exercise is a great craze …who doesn’t like having fun…and getting a good work out in the process? By incorporating hoop dance, work out hula hoops can help you […]