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  • Work Out Hula Hoops

    Work Out Hula Hoops? Oh yes, my friend, we have work out hula hoops. We personally prefer and recommend the light tubing in our Fitness Hoops Section.  Hula hoop exercise is a great craze …who doesn’t like having fun…and getting a good work out in the process? By incorporating hoop dance, work out hula hoops can help you […]
  • Ditch the Chips & Hit the Hula Hoop Instead

    We love to hear sucess stories that involve hula hoops and this one has an amusing twist. Our neighbors across the pond in Britain have a yummy, crunchy snack called Hula Hoops. According to Daily Mail, “a mother-of-one has dropped four dress sizes, going from a size 16 to a size 8, by swapping Hula Hoops […]
  • Custom Hula Hoops for Kids

    Your Hoop saved our Christmas! I had to write to thank you guys…you really did save Christmas for us! The ONE thing our daughter wanted for Christmas was a hula hoop. My wife and I hit every toy store, Walmart, anywhere we could think of to find a hula hoop for kids. We had NO […]
  • Hula Hoop Give Away!

    Congratulations to our most recent winner in our Pictures for Hoops contest. Sydney R has won a pair of Candy Cane Mini Hoops. Remember you can also be entered in a drawing to win free hoops by sending us your hula hoop pics here!             Her Hoop Story: I […]