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  • Hooping the Way to Happiness

    This is a great example of why we do what we do…  We know the healing power of the hula hoop and the fun it can bring. Hooping renews a sense of childhood, says Carissa Caricato who has been travelling through Mumbai spreading the message of happiness to women who have been trafficked. She shares […]
  • Custom Adult Hula Hoops

    During my first visit to Burning Man back in 2000, I ran into a theme camp full of folks hooping with adult size hula hoops. I’d been hooping for years with the hula hoop my grandfather first made for me when I was a kid  I absolutely loved it. The hoops they were using looked like the same […]
  • Custom Sized to Order Dance Hoop

    Thank you so much for my new dance hoop! I absolutely love it. This was not my first dance hoop, but it IS my favorite. I love hoop dancing and I’ve been doing hoop dance for a couple years now but I’m over 6′ and “all legs”. I never thought I’d find a company that would make […]
  • Exercise Hula Hoops

    Exercise hula hoops are a great way to trick yourself into exercising while having fun or just watching tv!  To this day, I still get the giggles when the hula hoop first begins spinning around my waist.  Benefit number one?  The smiles.  But for those of us not so apt to make it to the gym […]