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  • Hula Hoop Face

    Yeah, I think you know it, that unmistakable “heck yeah, I’m hooping” look, aka hula hoop face. Well just watch the first minute of this video and I think you’ll have a good giggle.  To the non-hooper, I bet these folks look a little nutty. But to a hooper, yes, even to beginners, those moves and that […]
  • Even Pro Footballers Like to Hula Hoop

    Some folks don’t realize it’s not just little kids, hoop dancers and people trying to shed a few pounds that enjoy a little hula hoop time. Check out D.J. Swearinger and Jadeveon Clowney from the Houston Texans having some fun while promoting the NFL’s Play 60 Challenge at Lanier Middle School in Houston. Check out more highlights from […]
  • Feb 7th & 8th – 25th Annual Heard Museum World Championship Hoop Dance Contest

    We love a a good ol’ hula hoop, but it’s inspiring to see the ways in which a hoop is used in so many different cultures and traditions. We’re excited to see the athletic, artistic beauty and cultural traditions at this year’s World Championship Hoop Dance Contest. Held at the Libby Amphitheater on February 7th […]
  • Weighted Hula Hoop

    Weighted hula hoops are a great way to exercise. Many people ask me “what exactly IS a weighted hula hoop?”. That requires a longer answer.  Weighted hula hoops come in many forms.  Many places call any of the larger hula hoops built for adults and hoop dance weighted hula hoops. There are other places that offer hula […]